Rogelio Sosa

He has many titles with him when you will search his name on the internet. He is a compos s was written in his biography. You can also read that he is also a sound artists. One of his interets is in the experimental music that made him known to many countries. He had already performed many performances in his career in the music industrty. He has the passion and interests to explore and have a discovery to make. His performances lasts for a good minutes to hours.

If you will see his works and are not that exposed to those kinds of music that are also infused with art to function together and harmonize with each other so that the desired sound could be produced. There are many discoveries or experiments┬áthat are being done so that tools, musical instruments, sound from the mouth and other things could work together to create a masterpiece of their own or promote someone’s work that is presently popular or could be after some years of promoting the art and music type.

Having a new could have a two reaction. People could become curious and would spend much time knowing it and also want to imitate it or make their own versions. Or they could not just accept what is the new art and music that is presented to them so they would just forget it and continue with what they have already and what genre they like. What do you think of the Rogelio Sosa’s work then?